New ESL Reading Pull-Out Kit

Materials from the ESL reading pull-out kit

Interested in finding a treasure trove of pre-, during, and post-reading activities that can be used with beginning to advanced ESL learners during one-on-one tutoring sessions or small group pull-outs? The new ESL Reading Pull-Out Kit for tutors and teachers is now available on the Minnesota Literacy Council Website!

Having learners practice reading skills in small group pull-out sessions is an excellent way for learners to get individualized attention so that they become stronger readers. The Reading Kit contains pre-reading activities to help learners develop their reading strategies, reading fluency activities so that learners can become more fluent and confident in how they interact with texts, and post-reading activities to increase comprehension and understanding.

Print off the PDF of this kit, assemble the recommended materials, pop them all in a box, and the kits are ready to use! The Reading ESL Pull-Out Kit and three others can be found on the MN Literacy Council website at

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