Just Plain Clear® Website Glossary Explains Healthcare in 3 Languages

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I recently attended a Health Literacy Group meeting and discovered a wealth of information I was not previously aware of. One of the best resources I feel our students (and staff) will find useful is the website glossary Just Plain Clear developed by the UnitedHealth Group. 142,540 visits were recorded last year to the Just Plain Clear website and the fact it is done in 3 languages ( English, Spanish, Portuguese) is certainly a bonus.

As the website states " We know that health care and health insurance terms can be difficult for anyone. When you make health decisions, you need information that's easy to understand. That's why UnitedHealth Group created this glossary. You'll find thousands of terms defined in plain, clear language to help you make informed decisions."

This website does a nice job of using easy to understand language and I believe it would be a great resource to any class covering health topics or just as a resource for anyone looking for help understanding the health care terms used by doctors and insurance companies.  THANKS UNITEDHEALTH CARE !

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