I Hear It!

a hand being held up to an ear to listen

Purpose:  To give learners practice listening for key information

Preparation Time:  15 minutes

Materials Needed:  Several different audio tracks with listening comprehension questions for each of them, mini-whiteboards


  1. Divide the class into teams. Give each team a mini-whiteboard and have them select a recorder.
  2. Give the class the context of what they will be listening to (e.g. You will be listening for a woman asking for directions to the bank). Then give them a specific piece of information that they will be listening for (e.g. What building is the bank across from?).
  3. Play the audio track. As soon as the groups hear the answer, they tell the recorder who writes it down on the mini-whiteboard and holds it up. The group that holds up the correct answer first gets a point.
  4. Continue the activity by giving the class a new piece of specific information that they will listen for, and restart the audio track. Depending on the length of the selected audio tracks, the class may listen to several different tracks throughout the game.

Modification: If you do not have mini-whiteboards, you can have the teams ring a bell or raise their hands when they hear the answer.

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