Predictions from Sentences

crystal ball on a yellow background with the word predict in the middle

Purpose:  Fluent readers naturally make predictions about a text before reading. This activity guides learners through the process of making predictions prior to reading a text, and also helps learners to activate prior knowledge about the topic.

Preparation Time:  5 minutes

Materials Needed:  A reading text with 3 sentences from different parts of the text selected


  1. Dictate the first sentence to the learner/s. Repeat several times if necessary.
  2. If working with a small group, have learners compare their sentences with a partner’s and make adjustments as necessary. If working with one learner, have them check their sentence as you read it to them again.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the remaining two sentences.
  4. If you notice that there are errors in any of the sentences that impact their meaning, write them on the mini-whiteboard so that learners can make necessary corrections (the focus of this activity is on making predictions, not on grammar or spelling).
  5. Ask the learner/s how these three sentences are connected. What do they think the reading text will be about? Discuss together, asking learner/s to explain why they made the predictions that they did.
  6. As they move into reading the text, revisit their predictions and discuss whether or not they were accurate.

Expansion: Have the learners write down their predictions in their notebooks. After they finish reading the text, have the learners read their predictions aloud, and decide as a group whose predictions were the closest.

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