Nonprofit Communications and Technology Conference Resources

If you missed last month's Nonprofit Communications and Technology Conference have no fear, the session resources  and handouts have been posted on their website. While a great number of learning centers out there are K-12 based rather than a nonprofit, there were a large number of topics which can be utilized by anyone in education including:

Computer Network Management for Accidental Techies

Facebook Live for Nonprofits

The True Cost of Technology

Reaching Under-served Communities in Minnesota

Program Delivery Successes: How Tech Improves Direct Services

E-Learning: Online Learning is More than a Webinar

Podcasts as Evergreen Learning Tools


If you are looking for upcoming tech related trainings to attend to help your organization or program broaden its reach , try attending one of their upcoming events.

  • April 14 - Digital Dumpster Fire: Tips to Handle Social and Online PR Problems
  • May 12 - "You're a Wizard, _____!" Five Tools to Make Social Media Magic
  • June 9 - Fostering Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility in Your Communications
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