Where is the Cloud ?

 cloud image from creative commons
One of the things I believe hinders educators in feeling confident about teaching computers and technology is the overwhelming feeling that there is just too much to know and we feel the pressure to have the perfect answers for our learners. Thus, in a world of Siri, Cortona and YouTube I still have people come up to me and say ... "This is a dumb question but ..." while I am always happy to answer sometimes pictures are better and I think this time a video is even better. To answer the question, " Where is the cloud? " ( IE the Internet) Business Insider created a video that shows the cabling that connects the data centers around the world. So how did this very cool video get to computer ? Likely through the "cloud" of data centers and one of these cables.
Embedded video below should load in a moment if not, here is the link http://www.businessinsider.com/animated-map-global-fiber-optic-internet-...

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