Written Error Correction for the Whole Class

hand crossing off the i n at the front of the word incorrect with a red marker

Error correction and feedback is an essential part of the learning process, but it can be difficult to provide each individual learner with targeted corrections and feedback during writing assignments, particularly if the class is large.

A simple way to involve the whole class while giving corrections and feedback is to use class writing time as an opportunity to gather data regarding writing errors, and then write them on the board to correct as a class, rather than speaking to each individual learner.

When learners are working on a writing assignment, float around the classroom with a notebook and write down several examples of common errors that you see. Bring the class back together. You may want to wait until everyone is finished writing, or you may want to stop learners in the middle so that they can apply the corrections to their writing immediately. Write an example of a common error on the board, e.g., “The students no went to class yesterday.”

Ask the learners to identify the mistake that is in the sentence, and explain how to correct it. Make the corrections to the sentence yourself, or have a learner come to the board and make the corrections for you. After the sentence is corrected, ask the class to check their own writing to see if they have the same error, and to make the necessary corrections. Then move on to another error example, and repeat the process.

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