Walk, Talk, Trade

Group of human figures talking in partners

New resource for teachers and tutors! Now you can watch a video of this activity and print a PDF of the instructions at http://mnliteracy.org/classroomvideos. If you are unable to click on this link from your email, view this tutor tip on the Minnesota Literacy Council website to access this link.

Thanks to Meghan Boyle for sharing this activity!

Purpose:  To reinforce the students’ familiarity with vocabulary through interactions with classmates

Preparation Time:  10 minutes

Materials Needed:  Cards with pictures or words of the weekly vocabulary


  1. Review the vocabulary words that will be used during the activity.
  2. As a class, practice the language that the students will use to interact during the activity (e.g. What is this? How do you spell it?).
  3. Give each student a picture card or a word card. Some students may have the same picture or word.
  4. Model asking a student what is on their card, responding to their question, then swapping cards and moving on to a new partner.
  5. Students mingle in the classroom asking and answering questions about what is on their cards. At the end of each interaction, students swap cards and find a new partner.
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