Concentration: Video and Instructions

New resource for teachers and tutors! Now you can watch a video of this activity and print a PDF of the instructions at

Purpose: To review and reinforce new vocabulary

Preparation Time:  5-10 minutes

Materials:  index cards, 8 for each pair of students in class

Preparation: Pick eight vocabulary words.  Cut the index cards in half to make eight pairs.  For each pair, print a word on one card and paste or draw a picture that represents the word on the other card.


1) Mix up the cards and lay them upside down, four rows down and four across.  Model the activity by yourself or with another student in the class. 

2) The first person turns over two cards.  If they form a pair, the learner reads the word and keeps the pair.  If they don’t match, the cards are turned face down again and the next person takes a turn.

3) The game ends when all the cards have been picked up.


  • Match words with their definitions, instead of using pictures.
  • Match numbers with the words for numbers.
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