3 W's

A blue W with hands, feet, and a smiling face

Purpose:  A wrap-up activity that gives learners a chance to reflect on what they learned during the lesson and think about how they will use what they learned outside of the classroom

Preparation Time:  None

Materials Needed:  None


  1. Students think about their responses to the following prompts and write their answers independently on a piece of scratch paper:

What did we learn today?

So What? (relevancy, importance, usefulness)

Now What? (how does this fit into what we are learning, where can we practice what we learned today, how can we use it outside of class)

  1. After students have had the opportunity to write their thoughts, they discuss their answers with a partner or a small group.
  2. Students take a few minutes to modify their responses after they talked to their partner or group.
  3. If there is time, a few students can share out their responses with the whole class.
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