Send Me a Postcard

Clip art image of the back of a postcard with a stamp

Purpose:  To practice and review vocabulary, develop writing skills in a low-pressure and fun way.

Preparation Time:  None

Materials Needed:  3x5 index cards, or papers cut to a similar size


1.       Together with the students, generate a list of vocabulary from the current lesson or unit and write it on the board.

2.       Have the class brainstorm a list of different topics that they could write about that could include the vocabulary. Encourage them to be creative.

3.       Give each student a card.

4.       Each student writes a postcard to a friend (rather than using specific names, students can use the greeting “Dear friend”) using some of the vocabulary listed on the board. Students who finish early may choose to decorate the other side of their postcard with a related picture.

5.       Once everyone has written a postcard, put the class into small groups.

6.       Students read their postcard out loud to their group, then exchange cards with someone else in the group.

7.       Everyone writes a response on the other side of the card. The response must include some of the vocabulary written on the board. If the other side has been decorated, students can get a new card.

8.       When everyone is finished writing, they give the cards back to the original author and read the responses.

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