Hand holding a card

Purpose: to practice the meanings of vocabulary words

Prep Time: 0-20 minutes, depending on availability of the materials

Materials: sets of about 10 word cards—either with text or a picture on each card

Prep: gather the materials

1. Review the vocabulary that students will practice.
2.  Model for students how to select a word card without revealing it.  Ask, “What is on my card?” Give a one word clue about what is on the card. Invite students to guess. Give another one word clue and continue until a student guess the word.
4. Invite a higher level student from the class to take a card and give clues to the class about the word.  Help the student as needed.
5. Form pairs or small groups of students and give each group one set of word cards.
6. Students take turns drawing cards and giving clues.  The student who guesses correctly gets to keep that card. If you wish to make the game a competition, the student with the most cards wins.
7. If there is interest, shuffle the cards and play again.

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