Tools for Audio Projects Part 3

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Getting it into Learners’ Hands (and Ears!)


Now that you have had a chance to test some different tools and create some audio files, here are some ways to share them.

Your service’s channel:  Using a service like Chirbit or iPadio makes it simple – just use the channel associated with your username.

YouTube: is the world’s #1 service for video sharing – but sadly many school districts block it.

TeacherTube:  If you can’t use YouTube, try instead.  Teacher Tube even has a section dedicated just for audio files!  The site’s ads are annoying, but you can pay to upgrade and reduce them.

Email:  If your learners have email accounts, Vocaroo, Chirbit, and most iPad and phone apps make it easy to send files by email.

Your website:  If you have a website, blog, wiki, Schoology class, Moodle course, etc. Vocaroo, Chirbit, and iPadio make it easy to get a link or embed code to put your audio on your site (assuming you know how to edit your site).

Social media:  If you have a FaceBook page or Twitter account, many apps and services will allow you to post directly to your account.  Again, many schools block these services, so they may not be a good option for you.

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