The Teacher is Wrong!

Surprised man

Purpose: In this activity students use their listening skills. They may also review vocabulary, grammar or demonstrate reading comprehension, depending on the topic focus.

Prep Time: 5- 10 minutes

Materials: a text, worksheet, or list of sentences

Prep: write in some mistakes in the text to refer to during the activity

1. Read a text for comprehension, teach a grammar point, or proceed with other planned instruction
2. Tell student to listen for some mistakes. Show students how to respond when they hear a mistake. They can hold up the thumbs down sign and say no, just say no, or tap the table and say no, etc.
3.  Read the planned mistakes. When student hear one they stop you.
4. Call on a student to correct the mistake.
5. Continue until students have corrected all the mistakes.

Variations: The mistakes can be obvious and silly to make the activity easier, or they can be subtle to make the activity more challenging. 

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