Size of group: 3-10
Appropriate grade level: K-3
Skill practiced: Listening, comprehension, and oral communication
Materials: A microphone
Category: lesson plan/activity idea

1. Position the group of students in a circle.

2. Explain that each person in the circle is going to tell part of the story, so they need to listen to each other carefully.

3. After the first student says his or her part, pass the microphone to the next person and have them add to the story.

4. If you feel the story has lost their interest or has a good conclusion, you can stop them and start a new story.

The students will be able to tell different parts of the story and add on correctly to the previous student's part.  It also allows you to see the children’s creative side.  The older they are, the more details you want to look for.

Have some beginning story ideas in mind so you can get the children going with their story.  If they are younger and say one word like "dinosaur," as the mic is passed you could say "wow there was a dinosaur!"

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