Student to Student Dictation


Thanks to Jessica Horning at Open Door Learning Center, Lake Street for sharing this idea!

Purpose: to practice reading, listening to and writing and spelling a few sentences related to the lesson’s topic to a partner. 

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Materials needed: Spelling list for the week, computer, copier, paper cutter

Preparation: Type up a few sentences about the topic the students are studying while incorporating spelling words for the week.  Make the sentences relevant to students— a sentence structure they would use to express something about themselves: their job, their family, etc.  Type up another dictation of a few sentences that is about the same topic.  Copy one dictation on yellow paper and cut it up.  Then copy the other dictation on blue paper and cut it up. 

Procedure:  As students arrive, put them in pairs.  Partner A receives the dictation to read while Partner B listens and writes.  Tell partner A that she is the reader and the teacher and tell Partner B that he is the writer. Then, Partner A uses a red pen to correct his/her partner’s dictation and give feedback.  Partner B receives the other dictation and reads it to Partner A.  Finally, partner B corrects Partner A’s dictation.

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