Making Inferences While Watching Videos

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Purpose: to increase listening comprehension by making inferences and giving evidence to support answers to questions about a text. 

Making inferences is an important transitions skill. For more information about this skill please see the Transitions Integration Framework, page 15.

Prep Time: 5 to 10 minutes

Materials: Making Inferences handout (linked below) and three short videos of adult ELL students at the Journeys Reading and Awards Ceremony event

Video One: Shurkri
Video Two: Ivan
Video Three: Lourdes

Prep: Make copies of the handout and cue the three videos of students reading from Journeys

1. Write the word inferences on the board and explain to students that an inference is an idea you have because you already have knowledge and experience that tells you it may be true. Give a couple examples of inferences such as students running in the front door of the school all wet and you infer that it is raining.
2. Explain that making inferences helps you to understand more when you listen or read.
3. Watch Video One: Shurkri
4. Ask students how they think Shurkri feels. How do they know? Ask students if Shurkri has any brothers or sisters. How do they know?
4. Give students the handout and they read the first chart with example inferences.
5. Students read the second chart of questions to go with Video Two: Ivan.
6. Students watch Video Two and then fill in the rest of the chart. If necessary, play the video again.
7. Students compare and discuss answers with a partner and then as a class. If necessary, watch the video again to clarify answers.
8. Repeat steps 5-7 with Video Three: Lourdes

Follow Up: The next time students answer comprehension questions about a listening or reading text, ask them to fill in an inference chart to show evidence from both the text and what they already know to support their answers. 

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