image 7 ways to display your ipad to a projector

A question we get asked often is how to connect an iPad to a projector. While we primarily just use an adapter cable because of its simplicity and low cost there are other options. Tony Vincent from Learning in Hand put together a nice chart of "7 Ways to Display Your iPad " that is attached as a PDF at the bottom of this blog post. 

While I have not tried all 7 yet, I have found a few pros and cons with some. The cable option seems simple but cables are limited by length so you can't walk around a room the way you might if you were wireless. In addition, adapters are short and the cable weight seems heavier than what the adapter can support so it often falls out of the bottom of the iPad while presenting. 

Software seems like a nice way to go but in many cases your iPad is transmitting to another computer or device before it reaches the projector. If the software needs to run on another laptop, then why not just do a PowerPoint on the laptop with a remote? The other drawback is if you are relaying to a secondary device is lagtime between your movements on the iPad vs. what your students/audience will see. As with all things Tech + Literacy related, try a few and see what works best for you. We would appreciate hearing what option you use. 

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