I Have...Who Has...?

Purpose:  to review vocabulary and practice asking and answering questions

Prep time:  10-15 minutes

Materials:  sets of index cards, each with a question and answer (see attached handout for examples)

Prep:  You’ll need an even number of people to do this activity.  Each person needs one card, so prepare the cards accordingly.


  1. Give each student a card.
  2. Students stand in a circle.
  3. The first time through should be instructor-directed, so that everyone understands how to play the game.
  4. The first person starts with the question on his/her card.  For example:

“Who has a word that means a phone number to call for an emergency?”

  1. The student with the correct answer card says: “I have 911.”  The same student then asks the question on his/her card.  “Who has a place you go to see a doctor?”
  2. The student with the answer  card says: “I have clinic.  Who has…?
  3. The activity continues until all questions have been asked and answered.
  4. Students switch cards and continue playing.
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