Life After VISTA: Job Search

JOB SEARCH TIPS (a big thanks to 2011-2012 MLC VISTA Leader Krista Eichhorst!)

  • Know Yourself - Take time to figure out the parameters of your job search. Where do you want to live? What industries are you most interested in exploring? What types of positions are you looking for? What organizations or companies do you want to work with?
  • Stay Focused - The more targeted your search, the more on-point your results will be. Focus on several fields and types of positions and only regularly check two or three job boards that reflect those specific interests.
  • Set Goals - Instead of vowing to "get a job by August" think about concrete steps you need to take and develop goals around them. Some goals could be to check your favorite job boards twice a week or attend two relevant networking events in June.
  • Be Open - Don't be afraid of applying for part-time or temporary work! Sometimes those types of positions become full-time opportunities further down the road. It helps just to get your foot in the door, and your resume will reflect your initiative.
  • Prepare a Backup Plan - Know what the worst case scenario would be if you don't find a job immediately after your service year ends and - here's the kicker - be okay with it. If August rolls around and you don't have something in hand, decide what you can do in the interim like travel, intern somewhere or dust off your barista skills.
  • Conduct an Informational Interview - Learn more about an organization, field, or position while putting your name out there and making professional connections. Read more about this process in a related blog post from earlier this year.
  • Consider Cold Calling - In our digital age, making a personal connection can help you stand out from the crowd and it shows off your initiative. Learn the dos and don'ts of the practice in this blog post on "making the call".





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