Grocery Store Vocabulary

Purpose: To recognize and practice container vocabulary associated with shopping for food (a can of tomatoes, a box of cereal, etc.)

Preparation time:  None

Materials:  Enough circulars from grocery stores for each learner to have one, paper, scissors; glue

Preparation: You will need to have taught the container vocabulary earlier in the lesson or in a previous lesson.


1. Go through one of the circulars with the students, asking them, “Is this a ______ of _____?” while pointing to various items in the circular. Example: Is this a box of cereal?  Students answer yes or no and correct you if you identify an item incorrectly.

2. Give learners the circulars. Explain that they will be looking through the circulars, cutting out different items and grouping them together by container. They should choose four types of containers. For example, they might choose boxes, jars, bags and cans.

3. Learners cut out products from the circulars that come in the containers they have chosen.

4. Learners write the four container names in different areas on their paper and glue their pictures by the correct heading.

5. When all learners have finished, they can share their completed projects.


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