New Comparisons

Purpose: To practice the use of “as….as” comparisons

Preparation Time:  5 - 10 minutes   

Materials:  none

Preparation:  Make a list of some commonly used “as…as” comparisons.  Think about how these examples could be modeled or demonstrated.  Use visuals or objects when possible. 


1. Plan to pre-teach any new vocabulary as you present the comparisons.

2. Illustrate each comparison, using people and objects in class or the classroom

itself as a context.  

  • Maria says that learning English is easy.  She says it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  • I brought some oranges for break today.  They are as sweet as honey.
  • The students work very hard in class.  They always remember their notebooks and they always come on time.  They are as good as gold.


3.  Suggest a few adjectives and have students make up their own comparisons.

Do a few first with the whole group.  Then have students work in pairs to make up additional ones.

For low level, appropriate adjectives would be: happy, long, short, pretty, smart,

clean, tall, small.

For intermediate: lazy, wise, powerful, ugly, fresh, colorful

For advanced: juicy, graceful, brilliant, humble, sly, delicious, terrifying

4.  Have students share their comparisons and discuss them with the larger


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