Sometimes it is a struggle to create riveting blog posts after volunteering at Metro North for two and a half years because frankly much of the work is repetitive. Nearly every lesson is now familiar to me, as new learners cycle in and out of my class. Lately, the teacher I work with has asked me to work in a higher level grammar class about once a month. Learning to teach different subjects helps to combat the monotony of sheer repetition.

However, even within my own class, I am amazed at how much the same lesson can vary depending on the group of students in attendance. Interacting with and hearing the stories and struggles of each student is what makes me return back week after week. The relationships formed while working with students makes the learning center feel like a place of genuine community. Seeing a learner understand a concept for the first time, successfully write a sentence or express an idea in English never ceases to be gratifying to me.

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