Stop sign with frost

Today's thick snowfall made me predict that our class would be quite tiny. I was wrong! Although we started with just two students, by an hour into class, ten more had arrived.

I asked the students what they thought of the snow and most gave me a scornful look. Leah, from Sudan, said, "Teacher, the roads are so dirty today!" Samira told me that her van had spun in a circle on a side street near her home. I asked her if she drove to school today, and she replied that she did. "English classes are very important to me, Teacher," she replied, "But I still don't like the snow!" Other learners said that the snow made them homesick for winters in their native countries.

Inspired by their dogged perseverance to attend class, I asked how learning English made them feel. They responded:

• Happy
• Glad that I have good teachers
• Excited but sometimes stressed
• Nervous when I don’t know new words
• Good because I can find a job
• Happy but tired because it is very hard for me

I was happy to see that falling snow and blustery weather wouldn't stop my stalwart students.

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