This Saturday I will be presenting "Become the Author of Your Own Real e-Book" at the Minnesota Literacy Council's annual Sharing the Power conference. RealeBooks are picture books that you can share by email (to read as e-books) or print to read the old-fashioned way. You upload your own pictures (from a digital camera, scanner, or Internet site) and write your own text. RealeBooks are a great tool for adult and family literacy educators, because they allow you to:

  • control the reading level and word choice in your text
  • create books that have adult-appropriate topics
  • work with your learners to help them write their own books

RealeBooks are great for adult English and basic literacy learners because they allow you to:

  • write bi-lingual books to share with your children
  • write books that tell your stories
  • practice reading and writing English in a fun and meaningful way

RealeBooks are made with RealeWriter software. The basic version is free, and the pro version is available for a $30 upgrade (for a single user license). Check it out at:

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