Why literacy?

A volunteer and adult learner work together at our Open Door Learning Center.

Education has the power to transform the lives of families in need. Adults who learn English, earn their GED and gain computer skills are better equipped not only to get a job, but to succeed in their job and support their families. When we help them achieve functional literacy, it breaks down barriers to self-sufficiency and health care, and empowers parents to further their children's educational development. Research shows that children whose parents get their degree are much more likely to graduate themselves. 

Through our full array of literacy programs and services, Minnesota Literacy Council staff, volunteers and national service members give students confidence in their own voices and talents. Then they decide how they'll contribute to our community—through their education and their employment.

Literacy programs and services for adults and children are a necessary – and smart – investment. When literacy learners gain the tools to build fuller lives, all Minnesotans reap the benefits.


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