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Written by Isolde Mueller, who volunteers at Central Minnesota ABE and is a 2014 Volunteer Story Contest winner.


For Cathy Lindsey, it wasn’t a matter of hearing that literacy volunteers were needed—she had been aware of that fact for her entire adult life. After being a literacy volunteer on and off for more than 20 years and moving from Indianapolis, Indiana to St. Paul, Minnesota, Cathy wanted to find organizations that were dedicated to addressing local literacy needs. That’s when she found the Minnesota Literacy Council and the Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning.

by Alice Guo, Community Impact Intern

In order to learn more about tutoring in the corrections system in Minnesota, I was thrilled to interview Abby Roza, who is an Adult Education Instructor at the Hennepin County Adult Correctional Facility. I’m excited to share with you some valuable information and insights on this program.

Prison literacy is a concept that caught my attention after living in the States for eight months and working as a Community Impact Intern at Minnesota Literacy Council. You know, I barely kept an eye on such a topic when I was growing up in China.

As June rolls in, I find myself reminiscing about when I was younger thinking that adults must have summer vacation too. There was no way that someone could go to school or work all year long. Now that I’m older and (slightly) wiser I realize that for many of our students and volunteers learning is a year-round process. For Open Door Learning Center- Northside volunteer Rachel Pelham, learning is something that happens constantly.

Written by Pamela Veeder, who volunteers at Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning and is a 2014 Volunteer Story Contest winner

One snowy February day in the not so distant past, my coworker Allison and I travelled to the Rahncliff Learning Center in Eagan. After an hour or so of meetings, Darla Thaldorf, the center’s volunteer coordinator said to us, “you have to meet our volunteers Bryant and Joan. They have a pretty interesting story.” Boy, was Darla right.

Written by Brian Johnson, who volunteers at Cedar Valley Learning Center in Apple Valley and is a 2014 Volunteer Story Contest winner


Thank you to all the volunteers who entered the 2014 Volunteer Story Contest during National Volunteer Week! Your stories of dedication, humor and the power of learning are at the heart of our work at the Minnesota Literacy Council.
Linda (left) works with a learner at Adult Options in Education.

If you’re from the Midwest you know that April is a month of uncertainty. Will spring finally come? Or will it stay cold and snow another six inches before May? Though spring comes with uncertainty, one thing is certain-- the GED students of Adult Options in Education- St. Louis Park will blossom with the time and dedication of seven year-volunteer Linda Beck.


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