VISTA Resource Library

Check out the list of VISTA Library Resources (PDF) that are available to current VISTA members and Supervisors. If you would like to check out any of these resources contact your VISTA Leader or just stop on by the Minnesota Literacy Council.

AmeriCorps and National Service

Looking for information, resources or answers to service-related questions? Check out the following websites:

Professional Development

Looking for professional development opportunities or resources? Check out the following organizations:

Life as a VISTA Member

Looking for information, resources or tips regarding life as an AmeriCorps VISTA member? Check out the following:

  • Minnesota VISTA Living Guide: A PDF resource-guide with information on VISTA resources, housing, transportation, health benefits, budgeting, food assistance, eating cheaply, thrifty entertainment and savings and deals.
  • Food Support: Information regarding obtaining food support while serving, from the MN Department of Health.
  • Fare For All: Buy reduced-price bulk food packages and find information on local Fair Share programs.
  • Mental Health and Wellness Resources: A list of providers--in the Twin Cities as well as greater Minnesota--that offer services either for free or according to an income-based fee scale.
  • VISTA Health Benefits Guide: A comprehensive guide to accessing and utilizing the health benefits provided to VISTA members through IMG.
  • VISTA Payroll and Budgeting 2015-16: Information on your living allowance, pay periods and a budgeting calculator.
  • List of Stress Manifestations: A quick guide to recognizing some common signs of stress.
  • Self-Care Assessment: On top of your service, program, and projects...make sure you're paying attention to yourself.
  • Fight the "VISTA Slump": Check out these tests, tools, and resources to manage stress, prevent burnout, and jumpstart your energy.

VISTA Project Tasks and Topics

Looking for information, tools or ideas related to your VISTA project? Check out these topic-specific resource guides:

  • Poverty: A collection of websites, books, videos, essays, legislation and data related to poverty.
  • Education Policy: A listing of websites, videos and books related to education policy in Minnesota and nationwide.
  • Program Evaluation: A guide to ways of learning more about program development and evaluation.
  • Messaging and Design: A collection of websites, blogs, tools, books and workshops about communications best practices.
  • Volunteer Engagement: A database of websites, books and tutorials related to volunteer engagement and management.
  • Youth Program Development: A cache of resources related to various aspects of developing youth programming.
  • Leadership Development: A list of networks, conferences, and resources for building leadership skills.

Life After VISTA

If you're thinking about graduate school or further education, check out:

If you're interested in getting a job or starting your career, check out:

If you want to explore or utilize your AmeriCorps VISTA benefits, visit:

If you want to continue networking and stay connected, visit:

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