Tutor Tips

Pairing up
There are many ways to pair students up for activities. Here’s one way to find partners and get learners out of their seats at the same time.
Man with red chair
Most of us can only sit for a limited period of time before our capacity to learn decreases. Plan at least one activity in every lesson where learners get out of their seats. All students will return to their seats more alert and energized. Here are two examples of activities that require little or no preparation.
Word wall
To reinforce phonics (and vocabulary), keep cumulative lists of words your students have learned. Use a flip chart, or create lists on a word wall, with a separate page or column for each beginning letter. Review them frequently with students.
Confused look
We all know what most learners will say if we ask, “Do you understand?” Here are some alternative ways to check for comprehension.
Minimizing teacher talk means not only limiting the number of words you use, but also thinking about which words you use. Here are some speaking tips to aid in communicating with your learners.
This activity provides practice in spelling clarification and requesting to borrow something.



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