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Students from traditional academic backgrounds may struggle with the idea and practice of group discussions, which are more common in U.S. classrooms. Here's a technique that may help them ease into the activity.
The best time to give directions for completing a worksheet is BEFORE you hand it out!
To practice speaking; review nouns and adjectives.
Every activity has three parts: the introduction, the activity itself, and some kind of follow up. The introduction to an activity is called pre-teaching. This involves getting students ready to a reading, writing, listening or speaking task.
This activity helps students practice the past tense in yes/no questions and affirmative and negative statements.
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The 2010 Census count is approaching. The official day of the count is set for April 1, 2010, but the census forms will be mailed during March. Census data is widely used by governments and businesses to determine programs and funding, plus to apportion seats to the U.S. House of Representatives.
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Encouraging learners to speak English at all times can be challenging. Here are some ways to encourage the use of English during class.

Purpose: Learners tend to sit with others who speak the same first language, share the same race or ethnicity, or are the same age or gender. While there are certain advantages to allowing adult students to choose their places (open seating), less desirable results can be: students speak to each other in their native languages, disrupting class, students speak less English and pay less attention, relying on translations from neighbors, students don’t get to know each other well across cultures and language groups.

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Everyone loves vocabulary and it is a very important part of language learning, but it is easy to get carried away and teach too many new words in one lesson or confuse students with spontaneous explanations. Read on to learn more about best practices for teaching vocabulary.

Pairing up
There are many ways to pair students up for activities. Here’s one way to find partners and get learners out of their seats at the same time.



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