Interpreting Auto Maintenance Info

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Reading for Life Lessons
Minnesota ABE Supplemental Services, Linda Strand, 2004-2005
And the Minnesota Literacy Council



Read and interpret auto maintenance information (Reading for Life, volume 2, unit 20: Automobile)


Learners will be able to read and interpret information about auto maintenance and discuss why it is important.

Key Vocabulary:

repair, maintenance, transmission, muffler, routine brakes, tires, coolant, oil, filter, tune-up

Topics to Review:

previously learned car vocabulary


You may ask students to bring in their car manuals to compare maintenance information. Advertisements for auto mechanics.

Procedure - Real-life application:

Car vocabulary review: Students list the alphabet vertically on a piece of paper. In pairs or small groups, they think of a car-related word that begins with each letter. Conduct a feedback session so students can complete their lists. If your students enjoy competition, award groups points for words on their list that no other group has.

Discuss cars and driving with your students. Ask: “What are some of the responsibilities you have as a driver? Is it part of your responsibility to make sure that your car is in good condition?

What work needs to be done on a car to make sure it is in good condition” Put a list of their ideas on the board, explaining terms that might be new to some students and including the vocabulary listed above. See if your students know how often different types of maintenance work should be carried out.

Learners compare maintenance schedule information in their auto manuals. They should find 3 similarities and 3 differences with other students.

Ask students what the consequences can be if regular maintenance work isn’t done on a vehicle. Ask students if any of them keep a record of maintenance work.

Discuss costs of various types of maintenance work. The class looks at the ads and compares costs and services. Alternatively, have the class look in the Yellow Pages for some mechanics. Have students phone 3 different mechanics to compare costs for the same services. Discuss with students where they go for auto maintenance. Why do they go there?

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