A variation on a traditional teaching method, this version gets learners up and moving around and gives them a larger role in the learning process.
Help intermediate or advanced level students practice wh-questions in the context of a reading lesson
Help students practice spelling words that are typically challenging for them.
In this game, students practice using adverbs of frequency in writing, speaking and listening.
Greeting cards offer students an enjoyable way to explore U.S. culture, especially holidays and celebrations, and to acquire related vocabulary terms and idioms
The purpose of this lesson plan is to introduce learners to the life and achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King as well as to the Civil Rights Movement. Learners will also reflect on their own experiences and opinions of discrimination and equality.
This activity gives learners practice with conjunctions and reported speech.
The Fall 2012 issue of Notebook: Resources for the Adult Educator, is here! Notebook is a 16-page resource designed especially for teachers and tutors. It is published three times per year as a benefit for ProLiteracy members. Each article in Notebook describes a ready-to-use teaching idea related to reading, writing, listening and speaking, numeracy, or a practical application of literacy skills such as making a budget.
This is a quick activity which can be used as a warm-up or as a quick break between two other longer activities. It’s a good way to practice spelling, but also pronunciation, since students need to emphasize and listen for the final sound of each word, except of course, in cases where the final letter or letters are silent!
Help lower level learners review and practice the use of the question words: what, where, when.



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