Stop sign with frost
I asked the students what they thought of the snow and most gave me a scornful look. But I was happy to see that falling snow and blustery weather wouldn't stop my stalwart students.
McDonald's meal
Susan, the nutritionist from the from the University of Minnesota Simply Good Eating program, returned to our class today, much to the delight of the learners. Students talked about how some of them had gained weight since coming to the U.S. and brainstormed why.
After explaining some typical traditions surrounding Thanksgiving, learners listed what they were thankful for.
Pop can
Today’s class period focused on healthy beverages and was led by Susan, from the University of Minnesota Simply Good Eating program. Learners were shocked to find out how much sugar was in beverages they regularly consumed.
ESL class
Macro's passionate drive to learn English seemed to radiate out of him, affecting those around him.
French food
On Sunday I returned from an amazing European vacation traveling in France and Italy. While nearly everyone we encountered was extremely patient and kind as I struggled to express myself through pantomiming and my hastily assembled handful of French or Italian phrases, I was reminded of my students learning English.
World map
Today we did a writing activity that incorporated new vocabulary words as well as geography.
It seems learners move up to the next level just as I’ve gotten to know them. Obviously this is a great problem to have and gives me a sense of accomplishment... but nevertheless...
Dairy protein
Calcium was our class topic today. Students guessed how many bones were in Bob the model skeleton, who had the same number as a person. Guesses ranged from 10 to 360 bones as students debated what qualified as a bone.
This is an excellent retention activity and way to give students well deserved recognition. Honoring learners in front of their peers reinforces the fact that good attendance is crucial to learning English.



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