Students respond to the question: What don't you like about English classes?

Thanks to Pat Strandness, tutor at MLC Learning Center - North Side, for sharing her story in today's guest blog post!

Test answer sheet
I got a good reminder to exhibit sensitivity for the variety of educational backgrounds in the classroom. Whereas a multiple choice bubble answer sheet seems like second nature to me, many adults are unfamiliar with testing procedures.
Typically the learning center has four levels of morning classes, but now the classes have been condensed to three.
Learning to teach different subjects helps to combat the monotony of sheer repetition.
National Volunteer Week logo
National Volunteer Week, April 19 - 24, is a time to celebrate the contributions of volunteers across the nation. Here at the Minnesota Literacy Council, we applaud the myriad of literacy volunteers giving their time and skills in adult basic education programs across the state.
Latehomecomer book
The Latehomecomer: A Hmong Family Memoir by Kao Kalia Yang tells the story of one woman's experience growing up in Saint Paul with her family after living in Thailand's Ban Vinai Refugee Camp.
Happy face and sad face
Learners ruminated and wrote about the question, "What makes you feel _______?"
Barbara Strauch posits that our brains become more distracted as we age (surely we can all attest to this!) and asks if this aging brain can still benefit from education. The answer is a resounding yes as she argues that scientists have found that brain development continues into middle age and that adult brains can find big picture solutions better than younger brains.
Yesterday I made a quick stop at Holy Land on my way home from work for some groceries. While in the checkout line, I realized that a learner that had previously been in my class was checking out in front of me. It was wonderful to see a familiar face from class in the rhythm of my everyday life.



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