Here's a fun way to practice speaking and listening, sequencing, fluency, and creativity.
Help students develop and practice language related to consumer rights.
Mad libs are a great way to help students improve their understanding of parts of speech. They are a variation on classic cloze exercises, except that students need to choose a word that is a specific part of speech to fill in the blanks.
Man reading the newspaper
Learners will be able to read and interpret newspaper-style apartment ads.
House floorplan
This is an association activity and a memory aid that helps students retain new vocabulary.
Practice talking about jobs.
Recycling bin
Helps learners understand what recycling is and why it’s important and provides listening practice.
Index cards
Practice vocabulary, descriptions and sentence formation.
Gives intermediate and advanced level students practice working with dictionaries and recognizing differences in the definitions of similar words, as well as increasing learners’ vocabularies.
Writing book and pen
To improve writing fluency and to practice language specific to the chosen role play situation. An interesting problem can get students writing without being too concerned about making mistakes.



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