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Your most important tool is your desire to engage, to learn for yourself and help others learn.
Elaine Zimmer
When I retired 11 years ago, I knew that I wanted to tutor as a volunteer. I’m a teacher at heart, love social interaction and have always enjoyed learning and sharing knowledge.
A Neighborhood House ESL instructor tells about a class activity on urban navigation.
Today the teacher in my class accomplished this beautifully.
Teaching Adults with Vision Loss blog
Looking for tips to make your English class more multi-sensory? Interested in issues of English language instruction for blind or visually impaired learners? Check out my co-worker Jessica's new blog: www.eslfortheblind.blogspot.com.
Typing on a laptop
Computer literacy is crucial in today's world. Whether you're developing a basic computer skills class or looking for tutoring tips, our Web site offers an array of information to support you as you plan activities tailored to the needs of your learners.
One thing that amazes me about the teacher I work with is her ability to seamlessly incorporate grammar into a contextualized writing lesson that draws from the experience of the students. Today we worked on questions starting with “Do you know how to” and “Would you like to.”
World map
Today we did a writing activity that incorporated new vocabulary words as well as geography.
This is an excellent retention activity and way to give students well deserved recognition. Honoring learners in front of their peers reinforces the fact that good attendance is crucial to learning English.
An excellent way to incorporate past tense verbs.


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