Purpose: To help learners better understand features and language of a writing task they will be attempting

Some activities using model texts

Purpose:   to give learners practice working with a graph, a tool commonly used to show trends, or ups and downs, over a period of time in a visual way

Prep time:  15 minutes

Materials:  copies of the handout, pens or pencils

Prep:  Before students are presented with a graph, plan to ask a series of questions that will create context for the activity.  Think about vocabulary you’ll need to pre-teach as well. 

Purpose:   to use real-life or authentic materials to help students learn new words; to show students how many words they already can read; to use visual clues to support comprehension; to practice prediction

Prep time: 10-15 minutes

Materials:  variety of cracker, cookie, and cereal boxes, copies of the handout; dictionaries

Purpose: reading comprehension and scanning practice for intermediate/advanced level learners

Preparation Time:  15-20 minutes

Materials:  pens, paper, newspaper articles

Students complete short readings about harvest festivals, compare and contrast them, and share information about harvest festivals in their respective cultures.
A listening activity prepares students to read a text before they actually see it.

Purpose:  To create meaningful dialogue about culture, while allowing students an opportunity to practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills; for intermediate to advanced levels, though lesson could be modified for lower level learners.

Prep time:  Approximately 15-30 minutes, depending upon resources available.

Materials:  Pencil, paper, a book of folktales or photocopies of a few folktales.  Visuals are helpful!

Purpose: To help low beginning learners with vocabulary building, reading and spelling

Preparation Time:  5 minutes

Materials:  a picture from class text or other picture related to theme learners are working on; look for a picture that is clear and fairly simple

Preparation: make copies of the picture, one for each learner, or work with an overhead transparency

Purpose: To help students increase their reading fluency by getting them away from reading word-by-word

Preparation time:  10 minutes

Materials:  Copies of a reading passage

Preparation: Choose a reading passage that is at the student’s independent reading level


Students help each other to complete a fill-in-the-blank during a listening activity.



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