McDonald's meal
Susan, the nutritionist from the from the University of Minnesota Simply Good Eating program, returned to our class today, much to the delight of the learners. Students talked about how some of them had gained weight since coming to the U.S. and brainstormed why.
Pop can
Today’s class period focused on healthy beverages and was led by Susan, from the University of Minnesota Simply Good Eating program. Learners were shocked to find out how much sugar was in beverages they regularly consumed.
Dairy protein
Calcium was our class topic today. Students guessed how many bones were in Bob the model skeleton, who had the same number as a person. Guesses ranged from 10 to 360 bones as students debated what qualified as a bone.
Metro North has a partnership with the University of Minnesota Extension Simply Good Eating program. Every month, a dynamic representative comes to class to teach about an aspect of nutrition. It is always interactive, with fake food, real store ads to examine, food containers, food related prizes to take home and a snack at the end.


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