If you live in MN, you probably heard the news that a record 36 tornadoes were spotted across the state yesterday. Several people were killed; homes, businesses, and farms were damaged. It's a lot to take in... especially if you don't speak English well and come from a part of the world where tornadoes are unheard of.
If you're teaching Geometry, try bringing this info-graphic to class. See if your students can spot the mistake! It's a great teach-able moment where Geometry intersects with current events in the news.
As adult educators, I think we have a real opportunity to improve the success rate of older adult college students by strengthening their technology skills before they get to the point of feeling stigmatized.
Thanks to my ever-so-helpful husband for referring me to this interesting article from about how Senator McCain (presumed Republican presidential candidate) compares to other seniors in his Internet use (or lack thereof).


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