The purpose of this lesson plan is to introduce learners to the life and achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King as well as to the Civil Rights Movement. Learners will also reflect on their own experiences and opinions of discrimination and equality.
Learners need to hear and use new words many times in order to remember them. Here's a fun way to review and practice vocabulary.
The Minnesota Literacy Council now has available an Intermediate ESL Curriculum Unit on the "Emergency Room."
Here's a fun way to practice speaking and listening, sequencing, fluency, and creativity.
This model, currently being used effectively in local GED programs, is a great way to allow students control of the classroom. It builds community. It also encourages active listening and student leadership.
Help learners improve the overall intelligibility of their speech by learning to hear and produce American English stress and rhythm patterns.
This activity gets students out of their seats and helps them interact while practicing speaking and listening skills.
Pictures are useful resources for teaching grammar. In this activity, students use pictures to practice the comparative and superlative forms.
The Fall 2012 issue of Notebook: Resources for the Adult Educator, is here! Notebook is a 16-page resource designed especially for teachers and tutors. It is published three times per year as a benefit for ProLiteracy members. Each article in Notebook describes a ready-to-use teaching idea related to reading, writing, listening and speaking, numeracy, or a practical application of literacy skills such as making a budget.
Students practice speaking and listening and the past continuous by making statements about what they were doing at a certain time. They build a chain by repeating what everyone else in the group has said before them, and then adding their own statement. Any number of players can participate.



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