Here's a fun way to practice using the comparative and superlative forms in conversation.
This communicative activity is designed for low level literacy students working on the theme of money.
Students practice "there is" and "there are" and prepositional phrases.
A variation on a traditional teaching method, this version gets learners up and moving around and gives them a larger role in the learning process.
Help intermediate or advanced level students practice wh-questions in the context of a reading lesson
Intermediate level students practice wh-question formation in the context of a meaningful activity
As well as its use for practicing descriptive language and the present continuous, this is a good exercise for informal assessment at the beginning of the first lesson of a new class of beginning or intermediate level students.
Help students practice spelling words that are typically challenging for them.
In this game, students practice using adverbs of frequency in writing, speaking and listening.
The Winter 2013 issue of Notebook: Resources for the Adult Educator, a ProLiteracy membership publication, is here, and contains ready-to-use lesson plans and worksheets!



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