Here is an activity that encourages meaningful dialogue between learners, volunteers and teachers about cultural and educational differences. This activity can be done with any level, but lower level students should do shorter, more simply written pamphlets and use more pictures and or drawings.
Students practice questions and statements in simple present tense and the use of both and neither…nor.

Purpose: To engage learners in speaking; this is a good speaking activity to use while you are waiting for latecomers to arrive.

Preparation time:  10-15 minutes

Materials:  Cut-up questions


On a piece of paper, write out 10-15 questions that are suitable for your learners in terms of language ability and relevancy. Cut the questions up into strips and tape them up around the room.


This activity combines speaking and listening skills with proper use of the past tense.
This listening activity encourages students to make predictions and helps to review vocabulary.
Students help each other to complete a fill-in-the-blank during a listening activity.
A speaking and listening activity in which students use "I can" and "I can't" to discover unique and shared abilities and experiences.
Students practice asking for help and using problem-solving skills in this communicative activity.
Introduce learners to a basic bar graph.
Here's a fun way to practice using the comparative and superlative forms in conversation.



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