Purpose: listening comprehension of isolated words and vocabulary review

Preparation Time:  5 minutes to list items in a category

Materials:  blackboard or whiteboard with chalk or markers

Preparation: Be sure to link any activity to what went before or what is coming after.  For example, “Yesterday we talked about shopping for food.  Tell me the names of some of the things you buy at the supermarket.”

Purpose: To practice the use of “as….as” comparisons

Preparation Time:  5 - 10 minutes   

Materials:  none

Preparation:  Make a list of some commonly used “as…as” comparisons.  Think about how these examples could be modeled or demonstrated.  Use visuals or objects when possible. 


Talking About Independence Day

Purpose:  To give learners cultural and historical information about the July 4th holiday.  In addition, fireworks can be frightening for people who’ve fled war or other violent situations in their homelands.  Understanding what fireworks are and what the holiday is about may help reduce stress or anxiety.  

Prep time: 15-20 minutes

Purpose:  to practice simple sentences with might or could

Preparation Time:  none    

Materials: white board and markers

Preparation: Decide on a series of objects that the students already know, such as items found in the classroom, the kitchen, etc.


1) One or two students stand with their backs to the board; they are the guessers.

Purpose: To give intermediate students practice with the grammar forms “I do, too” and “I don’t either”

Preparation Time:  2 minutes to set up the activity

Materials:  none

Preparation: none


1) Divide the class into two teams.  Have the teams line up on opposite sides of the room

facing each other.

Purpose: A way for intermediate and advanced level learners to practice the comparative

Preparation Time:  5-10 minutes

Materials:  whiteboard, markers


Purpose:  To provide learners with an opportunity for cross-cultural sharing related to holidays by having students from different backgrounds interview each other.

Prep time: 10 minutes to prepare 4 or more questions about holidays

Materials:  copies of questions, either in a list or placed on a conversation grid (questions are written across the top above each column); pencils for recording answers

A listening activity prepares students to read a text before they actually see it.

Purpose:  To create meaningful dialogue about culture, while allowing students an opportunity to practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills; for intermediate to advanced levels, though lesson could be modified for lower level learners.

Prep time:  Approximately 15-30 minutes, depending upon resources available.

Materials:  Pencil, paper, a book of folktales or photocopies of a few folktales.  Visuals are helpful!

Purpose: To encourage meaningful dialogue between learners, volunteers and teachers about cultural and educational differences.  This activity is appropriate for high beginning to advanced levels.  Asking learners to help make an orientation video is helpful, especially for languages that are less recognized in written form (Amharic, Oromo, Russian/Eastern European languages). This video could be made on behalf of the program and in several different languages. This can be done with individual tutors and used for orientation for new students (assuming a larger program).



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