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The iTunes App Store has hundreds of English learning apps.  Most are targeted at either children or adults outside the U.S.  It can be difficult to find content that's a good fit for adult English learners in the U.S.  How do you know what's worth downloading?  What's worth investing a few dollars in?  Here are five iPad apps that Minnesota teachers have found, tried, and liked.

Explore an interactive Periodic Table of the Elements with the Nova Elements app for iPad.

Bring science concepts to life for GED students with these iPad apps.  They make it possible to do activities that normally require a science lab at little or no cost!

1. Frog Dissection (Emantras Inc.)
The name of the app says it all: frog dissection.  It uses 3D imaging to create an experience comparable to using real specimens.  User rates are good and the cost is $3.99.

There are many wonderful low cost iPad apps available for supplementing GED math instruction. Teachers can use these apps to differentiate instruction by giving individual students more practice with high need areas. Here are five that are worth checking out.
1. Algebra Explained—Chapters 1-6 (iLearnFastSoftware.com)

image 7 ways to display your ipad to a projector

A question we get asked often is how to connect an iPad to a projector. While we primarily just use an adapter cable because of its simplicity and low cost there are other options. Tony Vincent from Learning in Hand put together a nice chart of "7 Ways to Display Your iPad " that is attached as a PDF at the bottom of this blog post. 

Popular educational video content provider Khan Academy has produced a new, free iPad app.


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