Help learners practice correct word order and build new sentences.
Students practice "there is" and "there are" and prepositional phrases.
In this game, students practice using adverbs of frequency in writing, speaking and listening.
This activity gives learners practice with conjunctions and reported speech.
Pictures are useful resources for teaching grammar. In this activity, students use pictures to practice the comparative and superlative forms.
Students practice speaking and listening and the past continuous by making statements about what they were doing at a certain time. They build a chain by repeating what everyone else in the group has said before them, and then adding their own statement. Any number of players can participate.
Help lower level learners review and practice the use of the question words: what, where, when.
A fun way to practice the question form, when all the answers are numbers.
Focus attention on a grammar feature and help students gain general fluency by working together to solve a problem. The students separate a stack of scrambled cards with words or phrases on them into appropriate piles, according to the nature of the problem.
Use simple objects and visual contrast to practice adjective order.



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