Purpose: To talk about rules using “can’t” and “have to” and to discuss cultural issues in driving laws

Preparation Time:  None

Materials:  Board and markers; pencils and paper


1. Ask students if they drive. Ask students “What are some of the laws you must follow if you drive in Minnesota/the United States?”

Purpose: To recognize and practice container vocabulary associated with shopping for food (a can of tomatoes, a box of cereal, etc.)

Preparation time:  None

Materials:  Enough circulars from grocery stores for each learner to have one, paper, scissors; glue

Preparation: You will need to have taught the container vocabulary earlier in the lesson or in a previous lesson.


Purpose:  to recognize the structure of a sentence by identifying the subject and predicate and matching them

Preparation Time:  10-15 minutes

Materials:  cardboard squares and required number of sentences (e.g., if there are 20 students in the class, you’ll need 10 sentences).

Purpose:  to practice the past tense in yes/no questions and affirmative and negative statements

Preparation Time:  5 minutes

Materials:  paper and chalkboard or whiteboard

Purpose: To practice the use of “as….as” comparisons

Preparation Time:  5 - 10 minutes   

Materials:  none

Preparation:  Make a list of some commonly used “as…as” comparisons.  Think about how these examples could be modeled or demonstrated.  Use visuals or objects when possible. 


Purpose:  to practice simple sentences with might or could

Preparation Time:  none    

Materials: white board and markers

Preparation: Decide on a series of objects that the students already know, such as items found in the classroom, the kitchen, etc.


1) One or two students stand with their backs to the board; they are the guessers.

Purpose:  to help students practice irregular verb forms so that they become an automatic part of students’ language

Preparation Time:  5 minutes

Materials:  none

Preparation:  prepare list of irregular verbs to be practiced; the list is for the tutor’s or teacher’s reference only; start with a relatively small number of verbs and add on as proficiency increases.


Purpose: To give intermediate students practice with the grammar forms “I do, too” and “I don’t either”

Preparation Time:  2 minutes to set up the activity

Materials:  none

Preparation: none


1) Divide the class into two teams.  Have the teams line up on opposite sides of the room

facing each other.

Purpose: A way for intermediate and advanced level learners to practice the comparative

Preparation Time:  5-10 minutes

Materials:  whiteboard, markers


Students practice questions and statements in simple present tense and the use of both and neither…nor.



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