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If you are planning on attending the ABE Support Services Conference this week  and are looking for tech related sessions, fear not, there are three great ones to choose from.  Susan Wentenkamp-Brandt will present on Google Forms, Jenny Shlukebier will share tips and tricks for getting your SiD Reports into Excel and GED Testing Services staff will review whats new including GED Live. All these session will take place on Friday December 1st.

Google for Educaton

Highlights from ISTE (Part 1)

Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt, our amazing Educational Technology Manager, just returned from International Society for Technology in Education conference and shared a great deal of the exciting and trending things happening in the world of education.

The big trends coming to education include: 

A guest post by JennaRose Bondeson on behalf of adults on the wrong side of the digital divide.
Flock of birds
Thanks to the brilliant technology of Google Alerts (which automatically sifts the web for any new content that matches your search terms and sends you a compilation of that material), I've now discovered two more adult literacy technology bloggers to read and share! I knew there had to be more birds in this flock out there somewhere.
A CSE allows you to make your own search tool that will focus on the topics or keywords you mark as important, and limit (or focus) the search to websites that you designate. You could create a CSE for your website, wiki, blog, or for a set of websites that you regularly use.


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