There are lots of FREE (read: VISTA budget-friendly!) events and festivities going on this weekend...and the weekend starts early, with a number of events kicking off tonight!

Registration has opened for the

Fortune: "You would do well in the field of computer technology."

Free Geek Twin Cities is a program that rebuilds/refurbishes old computers (and other geek hardware) and gives them to low-income individuals who can use them.  "Helping the Needy get Nerdy," is a tag line in the promotional video on their site.  Gotta love that.

The new "visual thesaurus" online tools that are springing up on the Internet represent word relationships in a sort of web, showing the connections that are close as a knot of tightly grouped words, the loose connections sort of drifting away on a tether, the antonyms in an opposing color, and so on. By displaying information visually, they tell us something about words and the relationships among them that I don't think I can quite get from my old thesaurus.


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