adult learning

It's back-to-school time again!  Here's a message all our learners - adults and children, students and teachers - need to hear and take to heart:  You Can Learn Anything.

Watch it, share it, believe it!

I came across a super example of exactly the opposite of the dull narrated slides - a truly rich, interactive, and engaging piece of e-learning content. There are principles at work here that anyone involved in creating instructional content for adult learners can and should learn from.
Here is a good read for those of us interested in using Web 2.0 to enhance student learning. Check it out at
As adult educators, I think we have a real opportunity to improve the success rate of older adult college students by strengthening their technology skills before they get to the point of feeling stigmatized.
Here are two versions of the same presentation: one with typical, bullet point slides, the other is less typical but more powerful. Look at both slide decks and notice the differences.


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