Awards Ceremony and Journeys Readings

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Awards Ceremony and Journeys Readings 2017

Our Awards Ceremony and Journeys Readings are celebrated annually with the adult literacy community in Minnesota. The evening will include an awards ceremony where adult literacy students, volunteers, and community partners will receive awards recognizing their outstanding achievements. It will also feature student readings.  Adult literacy students will read their original stories and poems, many of which are featured in Journeys: An Anthology of Adult Student Writing.

THURSDAY, MAY 25, 2017 at the Loft Literary Center

1011 Washington Avenue South, Minneapolis 55415 see map

6:00 pm Awards Ceremony:   Learners, volunteers and community partners from across Minnesota will be honored for their exceptional dedication and leadership. 

7:00 pm Journeys Readings: Learners enrolled in adult literacy programs throughout the state will read their stories and poems from Journeys. There will be four separate reading rooms, featuring a total of 80 readers. To ensure that as many readers as possible have the opportunity to share, please limit readings to three minutes per person.

8:00 pm Reception: Light refreshments will be served. 



  • Students are encouraged to sign up to share their original stories and poems with an audience of peers, friends, family, literacy program staff and supporters. 
  • Teachers, coordinators and literacy program staff who plan to bring students to read and/or attend the event are encouraged to sign up as a group. We ask that you keep your readers to 8 and your group to 20 people maximum per learning center, including family and friends. This will allow more programs to participate.
  • Please limit the length of each reading to three minutes to allow as many students to read as possible.
  • Readers who have published stories in the Journeys book will be given preference if a waiting list develops. 


This is a free event, but we ask that you please register in advance (scroll down for the sign up form).



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Please note that any learner enrolled in an adult literacy program is welcome to sign up to read an original story or poem. Readers who are published authors in the Journeys book will be given preference if a waiting list develops. Please limit the length of each reading to three minutes. Readers are responsible for bringing their own copy of their story or poem.
Please indicate if there are any scheduling or transportation issues for a class or large group, or if accommodations are needed for persons with disabilities. Also, if you are registering for a group that includes an award winner or featured author, please indicate his/her name here (if it is different from the name listed above).