Literacy VISTA and The Good Acre: A Fruit (and Vegetable)-ful Partnership

Two VISTA members prepare a delicious meal in The Good Acre's kitchen.

"Cooking is an edible art, full of joy. The Good Acre class was wonderful."

--Christian McCleary, 2017-2018 Literacy VISTA

Thanks to our friends at The Good Acre, members of our Literacy VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) program are getting lots of seasonal and locally-grown produce, plus cooking classes, this summer!

The Good Acre is a nonprofit that connects and strengthens farmers, food makers and communities through good food. They are giving 12 of our VISTAs complimentary farm shares (weekly produce boxes), along with recipes and the chance to cook together in a commercial kitchen.

The partnership grew out of our desire to do more to support our VISTAs. VISTAs work full-time for one year to help schools, nonprofits and public agencies strengthen their literacy services and move people out of poverty. Without them, many literacy programs across the state would be unable to expand their reach, develop new programs or make improvements to existing programming. Yet VISTAs receive just $12,272 in compensation plus an education award or cash stipend upon completion of their yearlong service.

"VISTA members often struggle to make ends meet, so we are intentionally seeking out creative ways out to provide additional support," says Meghan Paul-Cook, our National Service Director. "The Good Acre partnership was a natural fit. Plus, learning how to cook and eat healthily on a tight budget is knowledge that VISTAs can use well beyond their service year."

The Good Acre + Literacy VISTA: it's what we call a recipe for success!

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